Combining facts with fiction, experimenting with various media, and utilising the latest technological standards in filmmaking.


Combining facts with fiction, experimenting with various media, and utilising the latest technological standards in filmmaking.



Film Production :

Advent of path breaking technology is transforming the audio visual phenomena at breakneck speed. Boundaries and limitations are becoming words of past for every corporate film making company in India. Adding fiction, exploring multimedia options and taking the advantage of latest technology standards in Corporate Film making, now makes style and treatment more exciting with every passing day. Increasing expansion of digital transformation and immersive technology dictates that, it is time to seek out new ways of telling stories. That is the ultimate key to successful Digital content creation, for the brave new world .

Eframe Infomedia has the advantage of already owning talent and technical infrastructure to explore all possible avenues in this context. Our film making services and film production services boast of a brilliant track record in delivering corporate film videos which are extremely functional. And we also excel in producing films which strongly connect with subtle emotions.

Both ways, we are amply geared up to deliver cross platform content, which are absolutely future ready.

Success Stories:

Awareness Films

Title - Mission Nirmal Bangla

Client -SUDA

More than 10 tons of solid waste is produced in India every second. The source of this immense waste is a wasteful mindset. ‘Mission Nirmal Bangla’ strikes at the heart of this mindset with an inspiring message of waste segregation and a call to create garbage-free cities in West Bengal. As an initiative of the West Bengal Government under the Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan, the film also gives us a look into the future of waste management, recycling, and the movement towards sustainable development in West Bengal.

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Corporate Films

Title -The palatial R&D Centre

Client - Vesuvius

The film captures the state of art R&D Centre of Vesuvius, the global leader of metal flow engineering industries. This film embodies the combination of advanced machineries fused with dedicated workforce justifying the R&D centre being the finest one in South East Asia.

Title - Mission Zero Accident

Client - CEAT

The highly inspiring film created by Eframe was effective to encourage the employees to adapt a safe work culture and align safety with the mission zero accident motto of the organization.

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Title - Visitor Safety Briefing

Client - Amazon

Keeping the standard safety decorum of the visitors in mind, Eframe created an elaborated safety briefing film for the visitors who visit the premises of Amazon. Covering various visitor safety rules and norms, this film was able to capture the importance of safety.

Title - Ashayein: A film Celebrating the 100 Years of ITC

Client - ITC Limited

The film created by Eframe was as able to immortalize the 100th year anniversary of ITC’s establishment. It has depicted their journey of spreading smiles and happiness across the country and their oath taken for a better future.

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Title - 13 by 13

Client - Hindustan Unilever

The AV film created by Eframe for Hindustan Unilever was circulated around the accomplishments of their facility in Kanpur in the year 2013. The film demonstrated the numerous initiatives that were taken to maintain their status as the best production unit when it comes to consistency and production records.

Title - Texmaco UGL Corporate Video

Client - Texmaco UGL

The film created by Eframe focused on highlighting the globally expanding business of Texmaco UGL. Along with the company’s corporate motto, the film apprehended the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the hardworking workforce and various advanced locomotive machineries has also been captured in this film.

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Title - Lean Management

Client - General Electric

The film created by Eframe aimed on covering managerial topics such as lean management structure followed in General Electric. Encompassing vast topics like the pillars of lean management, TPM, the 5s technique for the practice of Kaizen and various benefits of Lean management were also integrated in the film.

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Promotional Films

Title - Rhododendron in Sandakphu

Client - West Bengal Tourism

The surreal trails laden with crimson valleys of rhododendron flowers leading to the end-to-end panoramic perspective of the Himalayan peaks were captured in Eframe Infomedia's promotional video. The film was able to harmonize WB Tourism's initiatives to acknowledge the authenticity of Sandakphu and the vivid woodlands covered with rhododendron flowers.

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Title - Palash in Purulia

Client - West Bengal Tourism

Eframe produced a film to capture the wilderness of Palash flower in Purulia. This film was created by WB Tourism in order to emphasize the authentic quintessence of Purulia by portraying the fiery vermillion coloured forestry and the immense scenic beauty of the scarlet wildflowers.

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Title - Monsoon in Dooars

Client - West Bengal Tourism

Eframe created a film for WB Tourism to highlight the eccentric beauty of Dooars especially during Monsoon Season. The film unveiled the density of the natural rainforests, interwoven with lush green tea gardens and crisscrossed mountain rivers, implying that amidst severe rainfall, the Dooars looked stunning and any traveller could discover an ethereal experience.

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Title - Beautiful Bengal

Client - West Bengal Tourism

Eframe made a promotional film depicting West Bengal's stunning landscapes and cultural variety to promote the vision of West Bengal Tourism. The goal was to bring in tourists from all around the world. From Kolkata streets to the Sundarbans, Bengali cuisine to Durga Puja, the short film encapsulates the soul of Bengal.

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Title - Belur Math: A Documentary

Client - Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math

The movie tells us about the heart of the Ramakrishna movement- Belur Math, its motto and Swami Vivekananda’s Attachment to it. Supported by means of wealthy content material and the voice of famed actor Mr. Sabyasachi Chakraborty, this movie is one of the finest of its elegance. This route breaking work with the aid of the eframe crew obtained adequate appreciation from different corners of the arena.

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Title - Rising India

Client - Ramakrishna Mission, Golpark

The documentary created by Eframe 'Rising India', was of country wide stature. It has been inaugurated via Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, the President of India capturing the glimpses of provider sports by Ramakrishna project throughout India, following the ideas of the first-rate visionary Swami Vivekananda. This humble presentation by Ramakrishna mission is funded through the Ministry of subculture.

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