The digital age has amplified the notions of creative design, effective branding, and product placement to a whole new level of effectiveness.


The digital age has amplified the notions of creative design, effective branding, and product placement to a whole new level of effectiveness.



Creative Designing, Branding and Campaign :

Digital age requires the right digital edge if advertisement communication has to stand out among the clutter. Eframe info media's journey as a servicing creative agency had begun during the age of print media. Copybook methods of logo design, product positioning and all other related brand building exercises had been the building blocks of our own reputation. But since the advent of multimedia, the concept of creative design and effective brand strategy formation has undergone several phases of transformation world wide. The learning opportunity provided by this great transition has dynamically transformed our skills in branding, brand marketing, brand extension and product placement to the next level. We can confidently offer you the best creative resources and solutions, ready to hit the mark right away.

Success Stories:

Title - Branding of the Vesuvius R&D Centre in Vizag

Client - Vesuvius

Eframe’s expertise in designing and branding reflects on the avant-garde architecture of the Vesuvius R&D Centre. Harmonizing both aesthetics and functionality, Eframe has created the entire branding of the property in Vizag.

Title - CORE - Internal Communication Campaign

Client - Vesuvius

CORE campaign was an initiative conceptualized by Eframe based on the four main components that are followed in Vesuvius. Courage, Ownership, Respect and Energy. With creative movies, posters and mailers, this campaign was illustrated.

Title - Mission Zero Accident Campaign

Client - CEAT

The three minute awareness film was created by Eframe for securing commitment from each employee to take personal pledge to avoid accidents. Comprising of attractive display material were also printed that emphasized on the correct behaviours to be practiced on floor.

Title - Surakshaveer - A National Safety Week Campaign

Client - HUL

The comprehensive and interactive multimedia campaign created by Eframe contained all the important road safety guidelines and policies that created great stir among the sales force in HUL and is regarded as one of the most popular safety drives.

Title - VacSingh Campaign

Client - Scarborough Cares

Eframe created an animated and display campaign called VacSingh as part of Scarborough Cares' commitment to publicise the presence and benefits of several vaccines developed to counter the Global epidemic. A website was also created in order to broaden reach and provide answers to numerous questions commonly faced by People in Canada.

Title - Covid Awareness Campaign

Client - Scarborough Cares

In the pandemic situation, Eframe created a holistic mega awareness program with attractive intelligible animated videos, graphic booklets, and other related paraphernalia for raising awareness among the Canadian citizen. The campaign was translated in eleven international languages incorporating an evaluation program and certification was provided to all participants.

Title - Branding of Himadri Chemicals Factory

Client - Himadri Speciality Chemical Ltd.

Eframe has created on site branding and Navigational structures along with Proper Signage System to add new attributes to the overall premises creating strong brand visibility. Visual Brand Enhancement and Awareness Creation were the primary objectives that carry enormous significance.