Dynamic and imaginative multimedia rich, 2D and 3D AV content improves the level of engagement of members in the organization.


Dynamic and imaginative multimedia rich, 2D and 3D AV content improves the level of engagement of members in the organization.



2D and 3D Animation and Explainer Videos :

Better engagement creates better trained employees. Which is why your Explainer AV content needs to be multimedia rich, persuasive and precise. Eframe Infomedia gives you the power to convert your training concepts into striking motion graphics explainer videos. We have a fully equipped animated video explainer production unit. Our team of skilled artists produce volumes of 2D animated explainer video as well as 3D animation. For the best animated marketing videos and promotional video production services, you need not look any further.

Success Stories:

Animation Flim

Title - Great Leaders of India

Client - Ministry of Culture

Eframe made three short 2D animation movies based on the biographies of three of the country's most illustrious figures: Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Sister Nivedita, and Mahatma Gandhi, whose contributions to the country are immeasurable. These films, entitled "Great Leaders of India," are aimed designed especially for children.

Title - Ashirvaad Atta

Client - ITC

A 3D animated film was created for ITC to emphasize hygiene practises and quality of products. This movie also recognizes the importance of incorporating guidelines and regulations during the process of manufacturing.

Title - Kaizen Building Shifting

Client - HUL

Eframe has produced 3D animations to help spread the agile methodologies of several HUL developments. Along with the existing processes and order to assure the quality, 3D animations were made to demonstrate the kaizen.

Title - Mining Blast Pattern

Client - Aditya Birla Group-Essel Mining and Industries ltd.

For Aditya Birla Group-Essel Mining and Industries, Eframe Infomedia designed a short explainer video illustrating different varieties of patterns used during mine blasting. The purpose of this video was to provide workers with vital information about the various patterns and their consequences that they might encounter during rock breaking and blasting operations.

Title - Smart Data

Client - Unilever

Eframe has prepared an explanatory video based on Unilever's new initiatives to stimulate ecommerce business within the company. In the explainer film, their ambitions to use AI and machine learning are visualised in a corporate yet tactful way.

Title - Beyond Work Safety

Client - HUL

Eframe created a 2D explanatory movie for HUL to visualise their proposals to promote various safety regulations to be followed even outside of work. This explainer video was created in an unique style by juxtaposing routine tasks with work tasks and displaying how to integrate safe conduct in both circumstances.

Title - Kids Safety

Client - HUL

With the target audience in consideration, Eframe developed a Kids Safety campaign for HUL that depicted a distinctive book flipping style and expressed how to avoid unsafe conditions in highly vulnerable setups.

Title - COVID Awareness Campaign

Client - Scarborough Cares

Scarborough Cares sought to preach health and hygiene practises to the people of Canada during the pandemic scenario. To do so, Eframe offered expertise and created a short movie detailing all the measures to maintain to combat the outbreak. Eframe generated a movie that met all of the client's criteria with engaging 2D characters and animations.

Title - VacSingh

Client - Scarborough Cares

Eframe created a film to illustrate Scarborough Cares' initiatives to promote the benefits of Canadian-developed vaccines. This film addressed the numerous concerns that a diverse group of Canadians had about receiving the vaccine.